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If you already know how important great images are for your personal brand business, but need guidance in creating a visual brand experience that creates more sales...

I'm offering an online training for a select few business owners, who have a goal of creating a complete visual strategy for their brand.

Unless you’re able and willing to pay a boutique branding agency (that's $25K+ to begin with!), I have the one and only roadmap that will take you to a place of FULL confidence with a complete and working system for your brand visuals - FAST.

Powerful images will get you noticed in this oversaturated world of content and boost your sales.

I will teach you how to create them on a systematic basis and with ease.

Powerful brand visuals take your engagement from 5mph to 180mph.

I have spoken to many entrepreneurs and business owners, and I know exactly how most of you must feel when approaching your business imagery: unsure, a little curious, and very cautious.

You know you need more images of YOU to truly connect with your audience. And Pro photography can be pricey! How to make sure you get what you most need?

You are also probably clueless as to what your visual brand strategy can be, forget about what it "should be".

Add in doubts about our own appearances and the whole image creation process - some of you already had shoots in the past, and, to put it gently, they didn't go exactly as you expected, right?

It is completely normal to feel that way. After all - it's not like all of us were born with a camera in our face.

At the end of the training you will walk away knowing exactly what type of visual content you need to use, on which platforms and how to implement it all. 

You will know exactly what to expect from working with a pro photographer and what to ask for, as well as what things you can (and should) do on your own.

When it comes to your visual brand content strategy, does this sound familiar?

  • You feel “invisible” on social media.
  • You've been posting a lot of valuable content, but you know that you need to improve it visually.
  • Your content is great, but you find it hard to create deep connections and engagement.
  • Your past experiences with getting new photos for your business left you disappointed.
  • And worse, they cost you A LOT of money and time for a very little return.
  • You know brands that do it well, but you're afraid that's going to take up too much of your time.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fast forward to a place in life, where you feel confident that you are doing your absolute best with your images?

A place where every content need is taken care of, and you have a great system in your business that ensures consistent inflow of the appropriate content and imagery.

A place where you can relax and focus on growing your brand, knowing that your images got your back in any situation.

A place where you KNOW why and how people engage with your brand.



This training will take you STEP-BY-STEP through the entire process of designing your own visual brand strategy. Every single step of the way, I will be on with you - live - guiding you, teaching you and giving you the feedback you need.

As a result, you will have a built-in system in your business that works and utilizes visuals to their FULL capacity.

You have been working SO HARD on building your business, finding your customers, producing results for them - you DESERVE this.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the "Complete Visual Brand Strategy - The Blueprint"

Each Module includes training videos, worksheets, exercises, a weekly LIVE training session with me, and a LIVE Q&A in a private Facebook group.

Our Brain. Photography. Seeing.

Take a deep dive into Neuromarketing and Power of Photography. Train your creative eye to recognize the images that "work".

Defining Your Brand Positioning

Create your ideal customer avatar. Connect your personal values, message and brand to your audience visually. 

Analyzing All Your Platforms

Review every single digital and print outlet in your business, and build the strategy blueprint.

The Moodboard

Collect images for every goal and purpose. Define what images you are going to produce “in-house”, when to hire a pro, and when to use stock photos.

"Uplevel" Your Brand Image

Learn how to look good on camera, how to dress/groom, perfect your body language, posing on camera, etc. 


What is it like to work with a pro, what to expect, what to ask for. Copyright and licensing how-to. Grow your confidence in front of the lens.

And all these bonuses...

  • Training on smartphone photography for your business
  • Training on efficient use of Instagram
  • Training on efficient use of Pinterest

PLUS: Curated stock image sites, Music Licensing 101, Image Manipulation 101, and so much more.

And there’s one more AMAZING bonus!

This one is a very special bonus. You get a free training with the Godfather of Video Marketing - LOU BORTONE. 

Founding Member Access to the Complete Visual Brand Strategy includes:

  • 20+ training videos

  • 10+ worksheets

  • LIVE exercise / visual reviews

  • Weekly LIVE training sessions

  • Facebook LIVE Q&As

  • Private Facebook community


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Pricing Options

The FULL price of this course is $997 and it launches fully pre-recorded in June. This time, I'm offering an opportunity for FOUNDING MEMBERS to join the course LIVE and at a big discount. There are only 30 spots available in this unique training, so grab your seat now! We begin the 1st week of March.


997 USD




379 USD



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

As students of this course - I only want to attract people who are ready to make the change. The go-getters. People who are ready to do the work and watch their business engagement grow. Fewer people means that I can offer a more specialized training and really make a difference.

But, if after 30 days you're not satisfied, and you can show me that you've done the exercises, I'll give you a full refund. 

For any questions please email [email protected]

About your instructor...

Irina is the enthusiastic and innovative founder of Power Portraits and a photographer, best known for her vibrant photographic style and dynamic business portraiture. She made it her mission to educate brands on maximizing the connection with their audiences using the power of photography. Irina has been running a photography business for over 9 years. She has started as a complete newbie to the business world. Having grown up in the former Soviet Union, she had zero exposure to business mentality and made a major transition to a savvy entrepreneur using nothing but guts, persistence and open mind.

You can see some of her work on



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